Vacutop FL

Fluorinated vacuum pump fluids

Vacutop FL is a range of non-flammable, colourless and odourless perfluoralkyl-polyether type of oil. This product is totally inert both physically and chemically even under the influence of all kind of aggressive liquids and/or gaseous products (except fluorinated solvents) and thermal and/or ionising radiation. Vacutop FL is essentially inert and non-toxic, they are safe to use with all metals, plastics, leather, elastomers, and seal materials.


Vacutop FL is formulated for the lubrication of all bearings, chains and joints subjected to a wide range of temperatures. Suitable for the lubrication of all mechanisms subjected to aggressive or corrosive conditions, geared for lubrication of all plastic and rubber components thanks to its superior compatibility with these materials. Vacutop FL can also be used as a slip coating for weather-strip and sealing systems, glass channels, sunroof and door seals. This product is ideal for use in applications where a large number of small components require the application of a thin film of “low friction”, virtually invisible fluid. Bushes, o-rings, grommets, pivot pins, hinges & springs can all benefit from a coating of this special PFPE fluid.