Coolmax AB

Alkyl benzene refrigeration compressor fluid

Coolmax AB series lubricants are premium quality refrigeration compressor lubricants of the alkyl benzene type. These synthetic hydrocarbon products can be used for very low temperature applications (-60 to -100 °C) on account of their superior miscibility characteristics with critical fluorcarbon refrigerants. They have excellent physical properties and high degree of chemical and thermal stability assurance with outstanding cleanliness.


Coolmax AB series lubricants oils are recommended for all refrigeration compressor types; reciprocating (piston) or rotary (including modern screw type compressors). They are exceptionally well suited for use with fluorocarbon refrigerants, besides other common refrigerants such as ammonia. They should not, however, be used with sulphur dioxide. The specific viscosity grade should be selected in accordance with the compressor manufacturers recommendations. Operating conditions (temperature and pressure) and refrigerant/oil mixture characteristics (solubility) are used by the manufacturer to determine the appropriate viscosity required.