Foodmax® Clean BIO

Food Grade Lubricants

In the aim for increased environmental awareness and food safety we have developed a cleaner that is more effective than any other, versatile in use and makes a true door-opener. Foodmax® Clean BIO is the next best thing when it comes to cleaning in any industry, this is your cleaner that is food grade while it outperforms industrial cleaners at the same time.

Foodmax® Clean BIO is a true multi-functional cleaner. Foodmax® Clean BIO is a water-based detergent/degreaser, which is over 90% biodegradable and has anti-bacterial properties. It is a very effective degreaser suitable to clean many pollutants like grease (animal, vegetable, mineral), oils, organic deposits, glue, and combustion residues. Foodmax® Clean BIO is solvent free and does not contain toxic substances. The product is supplied both in bulk packaging as well as in trigger sprays.

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