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Anti Rust 99 DW  |  Metalworking Fluids

Anti Rust 99 DW

Metalworking Fluids
Water soluble rust prevention concentrate

This product is a multi-purpose rust preventive concentrate that generally is used mixed with water.

The concentrate consists of rust inhibiting additives and emulsifiers in a refined mineral oil and when mixed with water provides a versatile non-flammable rust preventive emulsion. The emulsions produce a thin, transparent, slightly oily film on components which excellent corrosion protection and water displacing characteristics.

These non-flammable emulsions eliminate fire hazards and improve plant safety by replacing solvent-based rust preventives for many applications.

It is used on all parts that have been treated with metalworking emulsions, giving a provisionary protection for the storage on the next stages of machined parts wet of grinding or soluble oils.

Other usual applications are the final protection for sheet steel and tubes.

  • Easily removed by alkaline cleaners or solvents
  • Economically in use
  • Good water displacing characteristics
  • Improves plant safety by replacing solvent-based rust preventatives
  • Non-Flammable emulsions eliminate fire hazards
  • Provide good corrosion protection

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 265202201
    Anti Rust 99 DW
    Drum 200ltr
  • 265202201
    Anti Rust 99 DW
    Pail 20ltr

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