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Coolmax CO 68

Refrigeration Fluids
Miscible CO2 refrigeration compressor fluid

This product is a premium lubricant that has been formulated specifically for use in CO2 refrigeration systems. The advanced formulation will provide superior miscibility and lubricity in high pressure CO2 systems. It will also offer excellent chemical and thermal stability, excellent low temperature fluidity, and a very long service life. The product is based on double end capped technology.

The development of trans-critical CO2 systems requires speciality lubricants due to the high pressure and subsequently higher loading on bearings. The majority of conventional lubricants such as mineral oils and alkylbenzenes are not soluble with CO2. Polyol ester (POE) synthetic lubricants show good miscibility properties, however this can result in a dramatic reduction in lubricant viscosity. PAGs show partial miscibility with CO2, however the viscometric properties of polyalkylene glycols remain unaffected and the decrease in viscosity observed with POEs is not observed for PAG’s under CO2 dilution, thus good wear protection properties are retained with PAG’s.

  • Excellent carbon and varnish control
  • Excellent film strength and anti-wear properties
  • Excellent miscibility with CO2 refrigerants
  • Excellent rust & corrosion control
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability and long life in CO2 systems
  • Low volatility
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-toxic
  • Very high flash & auto-ignition points for added safety
  • Very high viscosity index for better compressor protection at elevated temperatures
  • Very long-life fluid

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 262204001
    Coolmax CO 68
    Pail 20ltr
  • 262204001
    Coolmax CO 68
    CRT 12x1ltr
  • 262204001
    Coolmax CO 68
    Can 5ltr
  • 262204001
    Coolmax CO 68
    Drum 210ltr

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