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Food Grade
  • Nonfood Components Program Listed
    H1 167278

Foodmax PTFE-C Spray

Foodgrade Spray Cans
Dry lubricant coating containing PTFE

This product is suitable for applications in the Food, pharmaceutical and other “clean” industries where wet and sticky lubricants cannot be accepted. Foodmax PTFE-C creates a hard-dry coating (paint like) after curing. This coating acts as a non-staining, anti-stick, dry lubricant ideal for slides, spindles, machine parts, transport belts and chutes. The dry film of Foodmax PTFE-C prevents dust and other particles from sticking to the surface.

Foodmax PTFE-C can be used in dusty environments, such as paper mills, bakeries and wood (pellet) production. It is a quick curing, silicone free dry surface lubricant, so there’s no sticking of dust to the surface. Also suitable as anti-stick agent and has good high temperature resistance up to 270 ºC.

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 262501301
    Foodmax PTFE-C Spray
    CRT 12x400ml

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