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Performance CP

Industrial Spray Cans
Industrial copper assembly paste

This product forms an effective layer to separate metal surfaces at temperatures from –40°C to 900°C and up to 1200°C for short periods, the layer prevents the metal from seizing. The base oil in the paste is effective up to a temperature of 280°C and at temperatures above this level lubrication is obtained by the copper particles. These particles also provide optimum corrosion protection for parts which have been treated effectively.

Performance CP is used as an assembly paste for all types of screws, threads and press-fit connections. Long-term protection against pitting and seizing is provided because of the large amount of copper particles in the formulation. It is suitable for applications subjected to high thermal and mechanical loads, e.g. screw connections on exhaust systems, mounting fittings on turbochargers, press-fit connections for ship propellers, threads and screws on hot-steam valves and fittings in hot-steam installations. A fine film of Performance CP on all moving parts of disc brakes provides long-term relief from irritating squealing and whistling noises. Also, extremely suitable for slow-turning, highly loaded plain bearings and door hinges on passenger cars.

  • Directed jet spray
  • Dry coating
  • Eases assembly and dismantling
  • Guards against pick-up, galling and seizure
  • Helps prevent fretting corrosion
  • High thermal stability
  • Lowers force required during assembly
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Prevents friction, wear and sticking
  • Resistant to chemicals and weather influences
  • Simplifies the future removal
  • Suitable for use in arduous conditions
  • Wide range of applications

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 267801301
    Performance CP
    CRT 12x400ml

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