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Sol 355  |  Metalworking Fluids

Sol 355

Metalworking Fluids
Biostable aluminum metalworking fluid

This product is a high-performance coolant containing maximum levels of lubricating additives combined with other multi-functional components providing the biostatic characteristics. When introduced to water, the concentrate produces a transparent microfine emulsion of high stability and film strength.

The levels of additives incorporated ensure that when the product is used at the recommended concentration, a superior performance compared with conventional emulsions will be achieved in terms of finish and tool life.

It possesses excellent lubricating and coolant properties with microfine nature of the emulsion improving penetration of the fluid into critical tool/chip interface resulting in superior finish on components and extended tool life.

The product is suitable for a wide variety of machining operations:

• On ferrous metals: turning, milling, tapping
• On aluminum: boring, reaming, broaching, threading

The superior lubricity characteristic of the product ensure that excellent finish and tool life is achieved even on the arduous machining operations and materials. It is formulated to meet the exacting demands of modern production engineering techniques.

  • Does not contain nitrite or chlorine
  • Does not form sticky deposits on machine surface
  • Economical in use
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Excellent service life
  • Ideal rationalization product
  • Multi-metallic corrosion inhibition, i.e. Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Steel
  • Operator acceptability

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 265300101
    Sol 355
    Drum 200ltr

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