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Transmax B

Industrial Specialty Products
Premium uninhibited transformer insulating oils

These products are severely refined hydro treated virgin mineral insulating oil with highest degree of purity and stability. These oils are manufactured from carefully selected blend of latest technology feed stocks. These series of uninhibited transformer oils have excellent oxidation stability, high dielectric strength and are used in equipment requiring operations at elevated temperatures & greater oxidation resistance. For more severe applications, elevated temperatures and better oxidation resistance our inhibited line of Transformer oils (Transmax I series) may be considered.

These products are highly suitable for all grades of power transformers, distribution transformers, circuit breakers, oil filled switches x-ray equipment.

  • Higher flash point, resulting on low evaporation losses and better safety
  • Low viscosity oils offering excellent and fast heat transfer
  • Non corrosive
  • Remarkably low sludge and acidity formation, in both ageing and oxidation tests, results in longer life of oil and equipment
  • Very low sulphur and no DBDS content

Available packaging

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  • 268100201
    Transmax B
    Drum 210ltr

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