Coolmax PAO XL

Fully synthetic PAO based cool compressor fluid with ultra low pour point.

Coolmax PAO series are PAO based synthetic compressor fluids. They are specially formulated to lubricate compressors used in ammonia refrigeration systems. The problems normally seen (high oil consumption-reduced efficiency due to pipe clogging) will be history when Coolmax PAO series is used. Coolmax PAO series are fully miscible with conventional mineral oils, therefore a change-over procedure is fairly easy. High concentrations of mineral based product will however reduce the performance. Coolmax PAO series in its compatibility with paints, seals, gaskets and hoses, is similar to mineral oils. No special precautions related to compatibility are required when changing over from a mineral oil lubricant.

Reciprocating and rotary screw compressors used in ammonia systems as well as gas compressors and vacuum pumps in process systems where ammonia vapours occur. Also suitable for heat pumps requiring an ISO VG 220 lubricant.


  • Fully compatible with ammonia
  • Contains a minimum of additives
  • Prevent deposit formation in low temperature systems
  • Reduces discharge valve deposits
  • Excellent lubricity
  • High film strength
  • Zero wax content
  • Improves compressor efficiency
  • Low volatility
  • Very low vapour pressure