Chaintop MT M

Fully synthetic high temperature chain oil with added MoS2

Chaintop MT 100 M evaporates extremely slow even at temperatures ranging from 200 °C up to 260 °C. Excellent resistance to oxidation provides an exceptional stability at very high temperatures and enables the formation of heavy coking residue to be avoided at temperatures up to 280 °C (short periods up to 300 °C). Provided with anti wear and EP properties, reinforced by a combination of molybdenum disulphide based solids.


Chaintop MT 100 M is an oil which is specially developed for the lubrication of chains and bearings of systems operating at continuous temperatures between

170 °C and 280 °C (short periods up to 300 °C) and is particularly recommended for:

  • Chains of dryers for plasterboard, glasswool, etc.
  • Chains and rollers of overhead conveyors
  • Textile tenter frames
  • Drying machines
  • Bakery ovens and on paint stoving chains