Synthetic diester based vacuum pump fluids ISO VG 100

Vacutop pump lubricants are made from premium, synthetic di-ester base stocks combined with an advanced technology additive system. These fluids are proven in countless compressor types and in the appropriate viscosity, are suitable for both rotary screw, reciprocating and vacuum applications. Vacutop lubricants give outstanding service, even in the most severe operating conditions. Vacutop series offers high performance protection in extreme conditions: high load and temperatures, pumping reactive and dirty gases, intermittent operation, in warm or cold climates and in mobile application. The fluid’s nominal operating range is -15 up to 230 °C. Vacutop 105 B is suited for automotive assembly with modified additive package.


  • Low friction properties and outstanding oxidation stability. This helps improve operating efficiency and saves money on electrical energy consumption
  • High viscosity index
  • High flash & auto ignition points
  • Very low volatility, lower evaporation loss and greater vacuums
  • Reduced vacuum pump maintenance with very long drain intervals
  • Extremely high film strength
  • Excellent foam control, reducing heat, oxidation and wear. High contact regions are protected against wear for increased vacuum pump life and efficiency
  • Enhanced water separation for increased oil life
  • Excellent rust control
  • Increased resistance to varnish, carbon and acid formation. Providing better protection and longer service life, especially during hot operations