Airtop Superior

Polyalphaolefin (PAO) air compressor lubricants

Airtop Superior is a combination of high grade synthetic PAO and ester base fluids and specially engineered additive systems. They are used successfully for the long term lubrication of screw, centrifugal or reciprocating (piston type) air compressors. These 100% premium synthetic oils are used where maximum seal, paint, and plastic compatibility is required. Airtop Superior 32, Superior 46 and Superior 68 are designed for rotary screw and centrifugal air compressors and will offer a typical service life of up to 8,000 hours and more under normal industrial operating conditions. Airtop Superior 100, Superior 150 and Superior 220 are designed for rotary vane and reciprocating compressors.


Airtop Superior offers high performance protection of compressors in extreme conditions: high load and temperatures, compressing reactive and dirty gases, intermittent operation, in warm or cold climates and in mobile applications.

Performance level

DIN 51506 VDL