Foodmax BIO HVI

Food grade and biodegradable hydraulic fluid


Foodmax BIO HVI provides a unique combination of a non toxic (foodgrade) fluid and biodegradability. This makes the product suitable for application where both characteristics are needed. Examples can be found in hydraulic systems which are operated in food processing which takes place in environmental sensitive areas of which examples can be found in:

  • Fish farms
  • Fish processing facilities
  • Fish processing vessels
  • Pelagic fish harvesting vessels

The product is blended from synthetic esters with selected additives that provides excellent anti-wear properties, enhanced resistance to oxidation and good corrosion protection. Foodmax BIO HVI is fully compatible with any types of plastics. The high viscosity Index provides good viscosity versus temperature characteristics which are very beneficial in environments where temperature variations are found.

Foodmax BIO HVI meets the most stringent specifications of the food industry and fit perfectly in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Global GAP and other certification systems like BRC and ISO 22000. Foodmax BIO HVI also meets those requirements specified in FDA 21 CFR 178.3570.