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Food Grade
  • Nonfood Components Program Listed
    H1 155437

Foodmax AW PAO 15

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils
Synthetic oils for the food industry

This product is formulated using specially selected synthetic base stocks in combination with the latest additive technology. This product is essentially nontoxic, making it suitable for applications where incidental contact with food or raw materials during the production is possible. Thanks to its great performance characteristics and versatility, the oils can be used in most applications in the manufacturing process in the food production and processing industry.

Hydraulic oil
Due to the excellent anti wear properties, this product can be used as hydraulic fluid for both power and motion transfer in machinery operated close to the food production process. Besides the neutral character to health, they have the following benefits:
• Thanks to the high viscosity index, the high and low temperature behavior is excellent. This product shows rather flat viscosity-temperature curves, which results in a smooth operation on both the high temperature and the low temperature side
• The excellent low temperature characteristics makes it very suitable for hydraulic equipment operated in for example cooling and freezing houses
• Low pour point, which allows operation at temperatures below < 0 ºC, therefore highly recommended for equipment that operates under start-stop conditions • High stability to viscosity loss due to shearing • Outstanding anti foam characteristics and good de-aeration • A very good water demulsifying capacity • Wide range of viscosities for practically all hydraulic requirements • Lower friction in comparison to mineral based oils resulting in lower energy consumption • Contributes to a lower carbon footprintGeneral lubrication These lubricants can be used for all sorts of general lubrication. For example, for bearings, slides, chains and small mechanisms which need a high-performance oil providing a clean and non-contaminating lubrication. Easy application by either automatic or by dropping, spraying, wick, or manual.Anti-corrosive protection It can be used as light anti-corrosive protector of metallic material which might be in contact with food products such as wire for canned meat sealing, conveyor or slides in e.g. manufacturing equipment and handling of metallic cans.

Performance level

DIN 51524 HVLP

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 264000801
    Foodmax AW PAO 15
    Pail 20ltr
  • 264000801
    Foodmax AW PAO 15
    IBC 1000ltr
  • 264000801
    Foodmax AW PAO 15
    Drum 210ltr

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