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Food Grade
Foodmax Freeze  |  Industrial Specialty Products
  • Nonfood Components Program Listed
    H1 158311

Foodmax Freeze

Industrial Specialty Products
Food safe heat & cold transfer medium

This product is a concentrated low-toxicity product to be diluted in water and specially prepared for use as a refrigerant and heat transfer fluid. It is a fluid based on propylene glycol that uses a technology of organic acid inhibitors free of nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates and silicates, which provides excellent protection against corrosion of all metals present in modern cooling equipment, panels, accumulators, pipes and engines.
It is a biodegradable product, which ensures its disappearance over time in case of leak.

This product is used in the water purification industries and in the ventilation systems of solar panels, where the presence of silicates is critical and as a secondary refrigerant in food processing (although not for direct contact).

In all industrial applications where cold or heat need to be transported, for systems with heat pumps, in the supply of heat to industrial processes or as a cooling medium in indirect cooling systems in the food sector.
It guarantees total and lasting protection against corrosion, boiling and freezing. Although the dilution of use depends on the needs of the system (mainly in regard to freezing), to ensure a good corrosion protection must be used at least diluted in water to 25% by volume.
Unlike traditional antifreezes that use inorganic inhibitors, this product has a very low rate of inhibitor

This product is compatible with other glycol-based refrigerants and can be mixed with them. However, when mixing the product with ethylene glycol based antifreeze the resulting mixture will not have low toxicity characteristics. It employs an inhibitory technology that is significantly different from that used by traditional refrigerants. We recommend emptying the circuit and rinsing it with clean water before refilling it with diluted this product according to the instructions for use of the system to ensure optimum operation and durability.

  • All additives used in Foodmax Freeze are food grade materials
  • Extends fluid lifetime
  • Increased safety for workers
  • Low toxicity
  • Protects equipment from attack by water and uninhibited glycols
  • Reduces system maintenance
  • Safe to handle

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 264500301
    Foodmax Freeze
    Drum 200ltr
  • 264500301
    Foodmax Freeze
    Pail 20kg

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