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Glassmax B 5

Glass Lubricants
Shear blade coolant and lubricant

This product is a special emulsion used for the lubrication and cooling of shear blades used for cutting glass. It is specially developed to provide extreme good performance without the irritating products normally seen in glass production lubricants.

The product is used for spraying on glass drop shear blades. The product should be added to the water, never add water to the oil as the emulsion formed will become instable. During mixing it is strongly recommended to use agitation to avoid algae and fungus formation. These could cause blockage of the spraying system, it is recommended to add periodically an algaecide biocide in a rate of 1:1000.

  • Easy maintenance of spraying systems
  • Prolonged shear blade life
  • Reduced shear marks

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 267200201
    Glassmax B 5
    Drum 185kg
  • 267200201
    Glassmax B 5
    Pail 20kg

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