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Grease BIO M 0 WR

Biodegradable water resistant greases

This product is formulated to provide an excellent balance between environmental requirements and lubricating-anticorrosive capacity. It possesses superior sealing capacity and very good resistance to water action, combined with good adhesion and affinity to metal surfaces. This product is based on a biodegradable ester and an essentially non-toxic additive package to eliminate the contaminating effect of the grease on the environment. The nature of the base oil with high viscosity and lubricating film will even outperform conventional greases, especially at elevated temperatures. It is used for pumps in water treatment plants successfully in a couple of applications: Lower bearings of Archimedes’ screw. Archimedes’ screw is used to raise water from one level to another. It is made of an inclined cylinder that encases a broad-threaded screw. Chain lubrication of cleaning bars in bio discs. These discs create a large surface area for natural bacteria required to break down ingredients in the waste water entering the system. In many water treatment plants a conventional calcium grease is used because of its water resistant properties. In comparison with these greases this product possesses better pumpability, lubricating capacity and outstanding water resistance. Water treatment plants can be found anywhere near urban and other populated areas. The annual consumption of an average sized water treatment plant will be around 15-20 MT.

It can be used for a wide array of applications in an operating temperature range of -20 until 120 ºC. It forms an adhesive film on surfaces that are operating also under moderate and heavy loads. The thickener system and special additives ensure excellent resistance to water, moist and ambient conditions. Suitable for the use in: forest machinery, public works machinery, nautical mechanisms, various mechanisms in water treatment plants, water pumping installations, mechanisms in contact with water, protection of car bodies.

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 266200401
    Grease BIO M 0 WR
    Pail 18kg
  • 266200401
    Grease BIO M 0 WR
    Drum 180kg

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