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Heatmax B 32

Heat Transfer Fluids
Diathermic fluid

This product is a high performance heat transfer oil recommended for most installations. It meets the requested qualities for diathermic fluids: Thermal stability; Chemical stability; Low vapour tension; Fully neutral towards metals; Non toxic; Benefits;
Viscous oil from highly refined paraffinic base oil

The product is recommended for heat transfer systems in a generator equipped with expansion vessels and a proper circulation speed, where the maximum oil temperature does not exceed 315 °C.

  • Extended service and fluid life
  • Faster transfer to turbulent flow also during start-up operations thanks to good low temperature fluidity
  • Higher resistance against thermal cracking than conventional (higher viscosity) fluid
  • Less energy consumption resulting in reduced operating costs
  • Oxidation resistant

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 261900301
    Heatmax B 32
    Drum 210ltr
  • 261900301
    Heatmax B 32
    Pail 20ltr
  • 261900301
    Heatmax B 32
    IBC 1000ltr

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