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Hydromax FR E 68  |  Hydraulic Fluids

Hydromax FR E 68

Hydraulic Fluids
Fire resistant hydraulic fluid

This product is a long life hydraulic fluid with high flash point synthetic ester, provided with good lubricating properties and long equipment life. Meets the requirements of ISO 6743/4 standard as fire resistant HFDU and ISO 15380 HEES class. It can be applied as hydraulic fluid whenever operating close to heat source. This product is highly biodegradable so small leakages will not cause contamination.

It is suitable for hydraulic applications in hot rolling, continuous casting, ingots conveyors , metal casting, stamping, forging and sintering, thermic treatments ovens, welding machines.No special care is required when handling this product. It is compatible with most of the common rubbers of the mineral oil operated circuits including NBR, unless in good condition. Natural rubbers and polyurethane are not advised.

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 261301801
    Hydromax FR E 68
    Pail 20ltr
  • 261301801
    Hydromax FR E 68
    IBC 1000ltr
  • 261301801
    Hydromax FR E 68
    Drum 200ltr

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