Lubricants Expo 2023, Essen – Germany

From September 26th to 28th, Matrix Specialty Lubricants and European Aerosols are joining forces at the 2023 Lubricants Expo in Essen, Germany. By merging our expertise—Matrix in lubrication and European Aerosols in aerosol technology—we are excited to provide the most effective, tailor-made aerosol solutions.

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Chaintop XL is a fully synthetic oil specially developed for chains and other mechanisms which is formulated to give high performance lubrication at elevated temperatures (between 250-300 degrees) with a minimum tendency to form carbon residues. This state-of-the-art chain lubricant will provide outstanding performance on all type of industrial transport chains including roller, leaf, galle, bushing and inverted tooth chains as well as sliding and plain guides. This product is also free of silicones, for use in painting ovens.

Chaintop XL will not leave any residues on the chain, giving a clean, carbon-residue free and trouble-free operation. Conventional chain lubricants tend to create carbon residues with inherent bad odours and will eventually block the chain, resulting in increased energy consumption. Chaintop XL is a clear-transparent oil and is a non-toxic, non-hazardous product and complete safe to operate.

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Foodmax Clean M is a food grade (NSF H1 approved) and biodegradable degreaser leaving no residues after evaporation. Foodmax Clean M has temporary penetrating and lubrication properties. Often used replacing products like acetone, white spirit, toluene, and trichloroethylene. Foodmax Clean M easily removes oil, grease, tar, resin, glue residues, paint and other contaminants.

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The refrigeration industry has been on the move for a number of years. Being a relatively conservative industry, they have been faced with many changes since the Montreal protocol came in place. New type of refrigerants requires new type of lubricants. Retro-fit procedures were (and still are) needed to change over systems from old refrigerants to new HFC and blended refrigerants. To make this change special attention is required to the lubricant of choice. Matrix Specialty Lubricants BV has a very extensive range of refrigeration compressor fluids.

Coolmax HTA ammonia compressor fluids are formulated specifically for ammonia refrigeration. They combine low temperature fluidity with very low solubility in ammonia to provide superior lubrication for ammonia compressors. Thanks to the low volatility users will experience up to 80% less oil consumption in comparison to naphthenic products. Compared to naphthenic oils the lifetime of the oil can be extended with factor 5, depending on the condition of the equipment and system temperature.

Ammonia refrigeration systems are used a lot in the food production and food storage. To completely eliminate potential contamination of toxic material (BRC requirement) we gained the NSF H-1 approval for Coolmax HTA. This makes it a safe product, for use in and around food processing areas where incidental food contact can occur.

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Food is very often transported in a food production plant by means of chains and conveyors. As this equipment is often exposed to water, cleaning agents, and extreme temperature variations, it is extremely important to select the right product.

Foodmax® Chain HT-X is based on highly polar biodegradable base oil and is inhibited against oxidation to give a long-wet film life at high temperatures. The highly polar molecules strongly adhere to the surface and withstand high temperatures, at the same time separating the moving parts thanks to its highly viscous lubricating film which is maintained at these high temperatures. This results in low carbon formation and low oxidation.

Foodmax® Chain HT-X can withstand high-temperature applications (> 250 °C) and is therefore suitable for bread ovens in bakeries. Foodmax® Chain HT-X will reduce wear on chains by using the latest available technology. It possesses outstanding anti-wear capacity and shows outstanding evaporation properties. Foodmax® Chain HT-X is smoke-free and inodorous.

Companies are often reluctant to change toxic mineral oils to biodegradable (HEES) esters because of their relatively short life, issues when water is present, and incompatibility with elastomers and other parts of the equipment. Hydromax HT ECO provides an easy solution. Being miscible with standard mineral oils provides an easy changeover as an extra benefit.

Hydromax HT ECO is a real hero product; it is biodegradable, non-toxic, reduces energy consumption, contributes to a lower carbon footprint, lasts 5 times longer compared to a conventional hydraulic fluid, and keeps your equipment safe and healthy from an anti-wear point of view.

Matrix has developed a wide range of biodegradable products that take sustainability seriously. Sustainability comprehends more than biodegradation alone, as it looks into the lifetime, waste generated, energy savings, and more. We are sure these developments match the today’s considerations which we all value towards our environment.

In the aim for increased environmental awareness and food safety we have developed a cleaner that is more effective than any other, versatile in use and makes a true door-opener. Foodmax® Clean BIO is the next best thing when it comes to cleaning in any industry, this is your cleaner that is food grade while it outperforms industrial cleaners at the same time.

Foodmax® Clean BIO is a true multi-functional cleaner. Foodmax® Clean BIO is a water-based detergent/degreaser, which is over 90% biodegradable and has anti-bacterial properties. It is a very effective degreaser suitable to clean many pollutants like grease (animal, vegetable, mineral), oils, organic deposits, glue, and combustion residues. Foodmax® Clean BIO is solvent free and does not contain toxic substances. The product is supplied both in bulk packaging as well as in trigger sprays.

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Matrix Specialty Lubricants offers a range of process and workplace cleaners, both for the industry as well as for food processing plants.

The range of cleaners is based on many different types of chemistry under the name Cleanmax and Foodmax Clean (Food Grade cleaners).

The cleaners for the Food Industry are NSF H-1, C-1 and K-1 approved.

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Our mission is to supply food grade lubricants but given the characteristics of these products most of them have inherent capabilities of reducing energy consumption and therefore carbon footprint reduction.

Our line of Foodmax and Coolmax products reduce friction resulting in lower energy consumption which results in lower CO2 emission. So besides giving you safe operation of your food production equipment you might consider grabbing this low hanging fruit and take these benefits also into consideration, an easy solution with high impact.

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Clean air-conditioning systems are more efficient, use less energy and generate therefore less CO2. Matrix Specialty Lubricants BV has developed a range of very effective Evaporator and Condenser cleaners.

Cleanmax Evaporator & Condenser are cleaners for professional use which can be used indoors & outdoors. Thanks to the unique formulas, these products are suitable for a wide range of applications which can be successfully used for cleaning aluminum, steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, plastics, ceramics and in a lower concentration range also for lacquered surfaces.

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