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Food Grade
  • Nonfood Components Program Listed
    H1 150571

Foodmax Grease ALU M 0

Food grease based on aluminium complex thickener and white mineral oil

Foodmax Grease ALU M 0 is an aluminium complex grease designed for the lubrication of almost any application which requires a food grade lubricant. This product is formulated with complex soap, white medicinal oil, a firm additive package and authorized solid lubricants. They provide excellent lubricating properties and a high-water resistance, perfect when a combination of water presence and high loads is faced. This product can be used for bearings operated within a temperature range of -20 to 150 ºC and thanks to their superior resistance to water they are very well suitable for the lubrication of chains or conveyor chains operated in very wet conditions. This combination is often seen in packing operations and slaughterhouses. Foodmax Grease ALU M-1 is more suitable compared to the Foodmax Grease ALU M 2 for centralized systems because of their excellent pumpability. Foodmax Grease ALU M-0 is more suitable compared the Foodmax Grease ALU M 2 for centralized systems because of their excellent pumpability.

General lubrication and bearings in the food industry, slide ways and chains, water valves and tap lubrication.

  • Adhesive
  • Contains solid lubrication
  • Food grade greases
  • High resistance to water and loads
  • Suitable for medium loaded high-speed bearings (VF=5x10^5)
  • White colored

Performance level

DIN 51825 KP0K-20
ISO 6743/9 L-XBCHB0

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 263700101
    Foodmax Grease ALU M 0
    Pail 18kg
  • 263700101
    Foodmax Grease ALU M 0
    Drum 180kg

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