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Grease CAS 2 Plus M

Calcium Sulphonate
High performance and high anticorrosive power lubricating grease

This product is a grease with very high anticorrosive properties. It has been formulated with high dropping point thickener and excellent resistance to freshwater, seawater and steam. This product contains solid lubricants (MoS2) that provide superior lubricating capacity to avoid the wear of metal contact surfaces and superior sealing capacity to avoid fluids or other type of contaminants to penetrate into the application.

These products are suitable for rolling mills bearings, feed pelleting bearings, floodgates bearings and mechanisms immersed in fresh or salt water, protection of components in marine environment, horns and different ships and boats mechanisms, mechanisms subjected to big temperature variations (-25 to 180 °C), chains and actuators in corrosive salty atmosphere, steel and aluminium wires, valves.

  • Excellent anticorrosive properties in a salt water ambience
  • Excellent stability to mechanical work
  • Great resistance to loads
  • High dropping point
  • High fluidity and adhesives properties
  • Suitable for slow moving and heavy loaded applications
  • Superior resistance to cold and hot water

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 264901901
    Grease CAS 2 Plus M
    Pail 18kg
  • 264901901
    Grease CAS 2 Plus M
    Drum 180kg
  • 264901901
    Grease CAS 2 Plus M
    CRT 12x400ml
  • 264901901
    Grease CAS 2 Plus M
    CRT 12x400gr (Lubeshuttle)
  • 264901901
    Grease CAS 2 Plus M
    Pail 5kg
  • 264901901
    Grease CAS 2 Plus M
    Drum 45kg

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