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Grease Poly HT Plus 1

High temperature grease for bearings

This product is a special grease based on polyurea technology. Long life organic soap thickened greases with highly refined mineral oil and additive package to provide superior anti wear, EP and high antioxidant and anticorrosive capacity. These are excellent greases for the lubrication of bearings and mechanisms exposed to the combined action of high temperatures, heavy loads and water. Thanks to the fact that Poly HT plus greases do not contain any metallic soap, the resistance to oxidation and aging is much better compared with the conventional commonly used greases formulated with complex or simple soaps.

These greases are intended for the lubrication of mechanisms in severe operating conditions, such as the lubrication of steel continuous casting where the combined action of: high service temperature, high ferro static pressures, big quantity of cooling water, high contamination with metallic oxides, hard particles, strips etc., long centralized systems

  • Excellent sealing capacity
  • Excellent water wash-out properties
  • High mechanic work stability
  • Long life lubrication
  • Peak temperature of 220 °C
  • Reduction of lubrication intervals en maintenance costs
  • Superb pumpability
  • Superior quality-price ratio
  • Thermally stable
  • Wide range of working temperatures

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 264906701
    Grease Poly HT Plus 1
    Pail 18kg
  • 264906701
    Grease Poly HT Plus 1
    Drum 185kg
  • 264906701
    Grease Poly HT Plus 1
    CRT 12x400ml
  • 264906701
    Grease Poly HT Plus 1
    CRT 5x1pc (Memolub 240cc)
  • 264906701
    Grease Poly HT Plus 1
    CRT 10x120ml (E120 Pulsarlube)
  • 264906701
    Grease Poly HT Plus 1
    CRT 12x400gr (Lubeshuttle)
  • 264906701
    Grease Poly HT Plus 1
    Pail 5kg

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