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Paste Copper 1.5

Anti seize and anti corrosive paste

This product is a high quality Copper Compound specially designed to provide the complete answer to “seized threads” on nuts, screws, bolts and other similar metal parts. The combination of a high quality, very high dropping point carrier, enriched with a micro-fine copper metal powder of soft copper adhering to the threaded surfaces, ensures excellent results even after the oil carrier has degraded or washed away. Working temperature: up to 1200 C.

It is recommended as a very high temperature compound. It is used on screw threads exhaust manifold studs, flanges, gaskets and generally wherever easy assembling and disassembling is necessary for parts working under very high temperatures.

  • Allows to recover and re-use of the parts, which eventually safes money for replacement parts
  • Long life and high efficiency
  • Makes the assembling and disassembling operation easier
  • Protects from flaying, corrosion, seizing
  • Resists high load
  • Resists temperature up to 1200 ºC 

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 265000601
    Paste Copper 1.5
    Drum 180kg

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