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Paste Inor CK

Conductive assembly paste

This product is a smooth, metallic silver / grey coloured paste. The formulation contains special pigments and additives designed to lubricate switch gear and other electrical connections reducing pitting caused by electrical arcing. Additionally Paste CK is an excellent assembly and anti seize compound resistant to high and low temperatures. The water repellent properties of this product prevent the ingress of moisture reducing the risk of corrosion and freezing.

It provides thermal and electrical conductivity together with lubrication over a wide temperature range. Applications such as switches, circuit breakers, sliding contacts, rotating switches, static grounding, ball and socket connections, earth (grounding) connections, and many more in smelters, metal processing and electrical industries.

  • Good surface wetting
  • Improves electrical conductivity
  • Improves thermal conductivity
  • Prevents freezing
  • Prevents seizure
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Resists high temperatures
  • Water repellent

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 265001001
    Paste Inor CK
    Pail 20kg

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