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Grapag Compound 00

Special compound for high temperature lubrication

This product is a synthetic product for the lubrication of open gears and heavily loaded sliding surfaces operating at elevated temperatures. This product has been formulated by blending fine particle graphite into a synthetic fluid with an advanced non-soap, non-clay, non-abrasive thickening system. The product has a broad operating temperature range. At elevated temperatures (over 200 °C), the synthetic base fluid will evaporate without carbonising and leave a dry lubricating film of graphite. This dry film will naturally adhere to metal components and provide excellent lubrication even under the most severe conditions.

Designed for lubrication of open gears at high temperatures, applications include: kiln cars, furnace doors, drying tunnels. steel rolling mills, “hot” gears in brick-works and paper mills. The product can also be used as an assembly and running compound.

  • No hardening of thickener at high temperatures
  • Non-carbonising base oil
  • Non-melting
  • Operating temperature range
  • Very high load carrying capacity

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 265000201
    Grapag Compound 00
    Drum 180kg
  • 265000201
    Grapag Compound 00
    Pail 5kg

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