Inomax M Fluid

Service lubricant for open gears, dip lubrication

Inomax M Fluid grease is formulated with excellent quality graphite and high viscosity base oil. Its very structure provides a great adherence to metallic surfaces. The base oil is bitumen free, for working at temperatures of around –15 ºC without heating.

Inomax M Fluid is intended for service lubrication by: dipping, circulating or mix (dipping and circulating) of girth gears in cement manufacturing plants, steel industry, coal, minerals treatments, fertilizers and chemical products (kilns, grinders, dryers, mixers, etc). The grease can also be applied by spraying. Inomax M Fluid can also be used for lubrication of heavy loaded reducers and wire ropes. In case of critical ambient conditions (dust, sand, water, etc.) it is advised to change the lubricant at least once a year. Whenever the drive running-in operation or correction has been carried out with Inomax M Fluid it is not necessary to change the bath on the short term.