Grease CAS 2 green

High performance lubricating grease based on calcium sulphonate thickener

Grease CAS 2 green is a specially formulated high performance grease based on a calcium sulphonate thickener and premium base oils. Calcium sulphonate greases are known for their thickener, which offers lubricating properties at the same time.

Grease CAS 2 green is specially recommended for all heavy duty and engineering applications where resistance to high temperatures, loads, humidity and water is critical. Thanks to its reversible property, Grease CAS 2 green is particularly beneficial in applications where temperature tends to shoot-up intermittently for short times. Typical applications of Grease CAS 2 green include continuous casters, couplings and run-out rolls in steel plants, wheel bearings and CV joints in automotive, rock crushers and conveyors in mining and bearings and spindles in pulp and paper mills. Grease CAS 2 green can also be used in the glass industry. Because of its’ versatility this grease is perfect to reduce the number of different greases in a factory and reduce overall costs.


  • Wide operating temperatures (intermediate, peak)
  • High dropping point
  • High anticorrosive capacity
  • Superior resistance to cold and hot water
  • High fluidity and pumpability
  • Very adhesive
  • High stability to mechanical work